Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday, Hannah

Two years ago you could do little more than eat, sleep, poop, and cry. Now as I sit here preparing to write your list of accomplishments and abilities, I don't even know where to begin!
Most of our days are spent hanging out at the house with the occasional errand run. You wake around 9-9:30 and immediately want flavored water or juice to drink, watch a cartoon, play with Drew, have lunch, and go down for a nap around 2pm. You usually nap until about 4. We play until 6 when we eat dinner. Daddy is usually on bath duty, so you and Drew take a long bubble bath almost nightly. We play more and you get a snack before bedtime at 9. Our days are pretty routine, but you don't complain. We run errands to Target where you ride in the basket happily (usually) or to go see Daddy for lunch, a favorite treat of ours!

Your speech has just skyrocketed. You make full sentences all the time which makes life so much easier since we know what you're wanting/needing. You help say your prayer at night, adding in all the things you're thankful for. Lately you're thankful for mommy, daddy, Drew, the baby, ice cream, stars, backpack (from Dora), stars, and Swiper (from Dora). You loooove to sing! You sing along with your favorite cartoons (like Dora), but are apt to break out in song at any given time. Your favorites are The Lord's Army, Wheels on the Bus, and Twinkle Twinkle.

You really love your cartoons. I have to pull you away from the television every day. You shout, "TB!!" Your favorite shows are Dora, Strawberry Shortcake, Veggie Tales, Curious George, Elmo, and Winnie The Pooh.

You also spend a lot of time wanting to read. Your favorites change up almost daily, but you like to read the same book over and over and over again! I'm amazed at all the things you remember in your books. Mostly, I'm just thankful that both you and Drew love to sit and read. It's a fun time for me, too!


You and Drew really love each other. You ask where he is every morning if you don't see him right away and spend most of your day wherever he is. You guys definitely pick on each other and whine with one another, but usually y'all play well. I have to encourage Drew to be patient with you as you don't usually understand his instructions on how to play whatever y'all are into at the moment and I have to tell Drew to give you some space!Y'all love to play with blocks, babies, kitchen, cars, and just tumbling around the living room.

Just some random things about you:
- your hair is usually in a ponytail these days. it's so long!
- you always want a movie on in the van. like before i get out of the garage!
- you enjoy playing outside, especially if there's mud or dirt
- your blankie is your BFF
- you have an affinity for owls
- lift the flap books are your favorites
- i still dilute your juice with water by 50% cause you love juice so much
- you love your extended family and visiting with them
- you're a mama's girl. you want me for everything, all the time!
- you're in a 24 month size clothes, size 5 diaper, and size 5 shoe
- you like your toenails painted like mommy's
- you're into everything--cabinets, drawers, bottles, etc. we have to watch you 24/7!
- you're good at holding hands in public places. i eat that up!
- you constantly ask me to sit on the couch to play with  you. :)
- you say, "scat cat!" when someone sneezes
- I love the way you say, "I wub you!!!"
- you love to help with anything in the kitchen
- You have a tender heart and usually mind pretty well. You sometimes get a time-out, which always solves the problem.
- You're trying to potty train. You poop in the potty 80% of the time and teetee if I encourage you to sit up there. We're getting there!

Hannah, you're so much fun! I love being the mommy of a little girl.  You're cuddly and sweet and gentle and so much fun! I look forward to growing a beautiful friendship with you that will last a lifetime! You're so special to us and I thank God for your sweet life! Happy 2nd birthday, my dear!

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Brittany said...

adorable pictures. can't believe our babies have turned 2 already, weren't we just pregnant with them?!

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