Friday, November 22, 2013

Jonah @ 5 months


Here I am posting this at 5 1/2 months. Late again! Are you sensing a theme in my life these days?! I'll write from memory about anything you were doing 2 weeks ago so I don't spoil the 6 months post. (Who am I kidding? It will be late, too.)
You had your first Halloween experience this last month. Your mom was a total party pooper and not only didn't dress you up, but left you in bed on trick-or-treating night! Either way, you attended two Halloween events: one fall festival at the church and one party at the Eddlemons for their annual church party. You sat there content, as usual, and never really made a peep. So "third child" of you.

You also had your first visit to the pumpkin patch and did awesome. (Unlike your sister who threw a fit and then peed in her pants in the middle of the pumpkin patch in the middle of NOWHERE--fuuuun times!)

"What in the world?! Who left this guy in charge of my well being!?"
You visited the zoo for your second time. You sat contently in that stroller for around 4 hours. Seriously. You are awesome.

You went to the doc at your 5 month mark and weight 17 pounds, 5 oz. You were still in the 80th percentile for height, and around the same for weight. You got one vaccination (and had one last time). We're doing Dr. Sears' "Alternate Delayed Schedule." You sat there and cooed at me (something you rarely do) as I got down next to you to comfort you for the unfortunate injections. Broke. My. Heart. Thankfully, you didn't cry long at all. You ran fever that night, but had no other issues.

Dr. Welch started discussing feeding solids pretty soon, and I'm positive my eyes started watering. How in the world is my newborn (you're still a newborn to me!) old enough to start eating solids?! We discussed the new recommendation of waiting til 6 months and decided to try solids somewhere between 5-6 months. I told her I really wanted you to have some delicious mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving Day. I mean, mashed potatoes=Thanksgiving staple. It would be a shame to make you wait one more week when that starchy goodness is sitting there prepared. ;)

You're rolling all around the floor, grabbing at any toy you can get your hands on. You push way up with your arms when you're on  your belly and make lots of very intense faces as you try to use willpower to move those toys to you.

You loooove your brother and sister, but Drew really makes you light up. (You make him light up, too!) You'll watch him and laugh as he talks so sweetly to you. It honestly just melts my heart into a puddle.

You stay up about an hour and a half after you wake up in the morning, and then I put you down for a nap, praying it lasts longer than 30 minutes. After that, you're up and back down about every hour and a half. Your naps are all over the place, but I'm thankful I can usually lay you in the bed and walk away without you immediately waking up. You're still getting up at night, anywhere from one to three times. It doesn't really bother me much anymore. I'm used to the broken sleep.

You are doing great nursing. You eat about every 3 hours, and you're quite efficient. It takes you less than 10 minutes to eat. Awesome--cause your sister is always into something by the time you're done!

You love: getting your diaper changed, baths (you splashed for the first time the other day), your jumperoo (you go to TOWN), attention from anyone, belly kisses, noisy toys, the TV (you love to stare at it while Drew & Hannah watch), riding in the car (woohoo for a kid who likes this!), and being with mama. You're generally such a happy, easy-going kid. I love that part about you. You obviously got the laid back gene from your daddy. Let's just be honest here.

You dislike: Well....I really can't think of anything. That's how awesome you are.

Jonah, you are such a delight and joy! God has great, great things planned for you, and I'm so thankful to watch you grow into the young man he desires you to be!


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