Friday, November 22, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday, Hannah!

My baby, Hannah,
Last night as we drove home from Target together, I told you that 3 years ago you were in my tummy and God was almost ready to take you out and put you in my arms. I reminded you that you're special, and there's no one else just like you. I told you that I'm so thankful God gave you to me. You responded, "I KNOW you're glad God gave me to you, Mama." Apparently, I've told you a few times. ;)

Where to start with our now 3 year old girl? Seriously, I don't even know where to begin because you've grown SO much in the last year.


You are 29 pounds, and still wear a lot of your 2T clothes, but are beginning to fill out your 3T shirts. 3T pants still are pretty big on you, but you're getting there. You have been potty trained since about August (YAY!!!!!), but you still have a good many random accidents. (Just yesterday you peed in the restaurant when Daddy took just you and Drew for lunch. Last week, you peed in the middle of the pumpkin patch. You keep us alert!) Your hair is SO long, but you insist on not cutting it. I'm not sure how much longer it can get without being ratty all the time. You got it trimmed in July and were not thrilled with the whole hair-cutting process.

Your speech is great. You say whatever you wanna say and still have that cute baby voice and pronunciation to lots of words. You use lots of big words that sound funny coming out of your mouth (ex: frustrated, angry, librarian and diarrhea come to mind. All are hilarious.). Sometimes your little mouth will say whatever you're thinking--like this morning in worship. I got onto you for continually putting your legs on the side of the pew. You finally looked at me and said in your firmest voice, "Fine. I am going to the OTHER Bible class." When you get in trouble for something just before we're about to go somewhere, you usually exclaim that you're not going to (church, the store, the fair, etc). I think it's quite funny. SO different than Drew! It's as if your feelings are so hurt that you're being corrected that you're just gonna shut down and be mad. Dramatic!

Speaking of Drew, the two of you are great friends. Of course you guys bicker daily, but overall, y'all love playing together. Drew will build an elaborate tent with air conditioning, heating, and a sewage system while you go in the house to make food and take care of the babies. That's y'all's version of "house." I love it! You call him "Drew Man" which is a-stinkin-dorable. Y'all sleep upstairs together, and when the lights go out up there, y'all will seriously play and laugh for several hours some nights. You guys really do love each other. :)

You love babies, books, the multicolored bears, my kitchen utensils and playing pretend. You will have the most random items in your bed to sleep with--play food, a fork, money, a book....who knows?! Sometimes you have so much STUFF in your bed, you hardly fit! And you sleep with your baby bed bunked up next to yours, full of babies.You love to find the moon in the sky. I love that about you.

You're a mama's girl right now--through and through! You follow me just about everywhere (bathroom? yes.) and want to run all my errands with me. You gladly sit in the front of the basket while we get all of our items at Target, and you really love this time. Given the choice between me and Daddy, you want ME to take you to the bathroom, get you dressed, get you ready for bed, etc. When it comes to bedtime, you want Daddy to go sleep with you. A few minutes ago I walked up to get Daddy because he'd fallen asleep in bed with you. You had your pillow on his stomach and both of you were sacked out. Sweetness. :)

While you are so sweet and tender-hearted, you are also a MESS. Recently, you drew ALL OVER the walls  upstairs while you were supposed to be napping. You'll get all into the pantry and my bathroom items, and wow can you make a mess! I feel like you're getting into less than you did 4-5 months ago, but I still have to really keep an eye on you! You like to do things on your own, love to help in the kitchen, splash a lot in the tub, and do your best to keep up with Drew.
Into tea bags at the beginning of the year.


Hannah, I wanted a daughter so badly that I could do girly things with, and you were my answer to that prayer. I love you and I LOVE getting to be your mom! You are so full of life and joy and sweetness and....drama....and I could just eat you up some days! My goal is to raise you to know and love Jesus and build a relationship between us that makes us best friends.

I truly, truly love you.


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