Monday, February 17, 2014

Jonah @ 8 Months

I'm a week and a half late, but I've been writing this post in my head for a while. You've really hit some milestones in the past month!

Your cuteness factor has somehow increased. I didn't think it was possible!

Most notably, you're sitting alone, crawling everywhere in a speedy fashion, pulling up on items, and attempting to walk with your walker. Daddy is cheering you on and encouraging you to walk. I'm plopping you on your bottom every time and attempting to make you feel content with your rear on the floor! Dad's not going to be the one chasing you out of the potty in a few months! ;)
 About 2 weeks ago (right at 8 months), you decided you would eat some pureed baby food and not gag. What an accomplishment for you! You gobble down puffs and cheerios placed on your tray as if someone is going to swipe them and leave you starving. They make a great distraction when we go out to eat or when you eat with us at the table. You nurse about every 3 hours and you nurse to sleep at each nap.

Your naps are improving some in length and predictability. (Watch--I probably just jinxed them.) You nap around 10am and again around 2:30pm; you go to bed about 7:45/8:00pm. Then you usually wake around 11pm to eat again and usually once more around 4-5am. Will you ever sleep through the night? Maybe by age 2. Maybe. I cannot let you cry it out. I have become such a softie with baby number 3 that I probably coddle you a little much. I'm quickly realizing why the youngest children are spoiled!

You love: bathtime, belly laughing, Drew & Hannah, playing upstairs, knocking over the laundry room trash, eating ANYTHING on the floor, Mommy & Daddy, nursing, puffs/cheerios, giving open mouth kisses, being tickled and kissed on the belly, and being able to go where you want!

You're not-so-fond of: sitting still for diaper changes, having your nose suctioned/wiped, and rocking when you want the holder to stand up!

You coo and babble some, but you're not talking at all yet. But you smile and laugh and listen to your brother and sister. Every now and then you'll get going and really talk it up, but then you've met your quota for the day and you're done. ;)

You do great at riding in the car for the most part. That's a good thing since that's how we get our breaks these days with such crazy cold weather!

At the doctor a few weeks ago, you weighed 19.5 pounds. Your length was somewhere around the 50% mark, your weight was around 50-75%, and your head was still around 95%. Lots of gray matter, I'm telling you!

You wear a size 9 month/ 9-12 month clothes and a size 3 diaper.

Daddy and I can't believe how fast your first year is going by. It really does blow my mind. I just thought Drew's and Hannah's first years went quickly. I was wrong! Please slow down and let me revel in your babyness and cuddle you a little longer! We are truly enjoying you. Folks comment all the time about what a "good baby" you are. You truly are easy to love and a joy to be around! I love you, Jonah Bug!


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