Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Jonah @ 7 Months

Forewarning: This blog post is not laid out well. The videos and pictures are all over the place, but my time is way more valuable than my desire to have this blogged perfectly. It's on here, and that's really great for me right now! ;) Carry on!

Jonah Bug,

Here I've turned around and you are 7 months old. The fun times are really about to begin!
This last month has begun to show us little glimpses of your personality. So far you seem very easy going and happy--two qualities we prefer in our kids. At exactly 7 months old you were sitting up with assistance. Three to four days later, you were not only sitting without assistance but crawling everywhere--under tables, attempting the stairs, etc. Hold on a minute! I was really looking forward to the "baby can sit alone and play right where I put him" stage. You completely surpassed it in two days! Stinker. ;)

A big topic this past month was table food. You basically hate it. However, when you discovered the piece of dog food and Beggin Strip in the floor, you thought that was the most awesome tasting stuff ever. Ick! Seeing as how you're the third kid, I did not freak one bit over it. In actuality, I felt bad taking that bacon flavored Beggin' Strip away. You were really enjoying it. So back to table food--we aren't forcing it on you. We give you little tastes of what you look interested in while we're eating, but so far, you're not a fan of anything, really. You gummed a green bean a few times and didn't gag. Are we supposed to consider that success? I don't know. You're only my third kid.
You survived your first Christmas at 6 1/2 months old.
However, even though you're not shoveling down the solids, you're a hefty, healthy guy. We head to the pediatrician next week, and I'm anxious to see how much you weigh. I could weigh you here at home, but hey--that would require 3 seconds of planning and remembering. So we'll wait til next week! Again, third kid. Sorry, bub!
Insanely cute.

You're FINALLY starting to stay up a little later at night. You were going to bed at 6pm which really was rough on the rest of the family. It practically kept us house bound at night. We've moved you to 7:15 which you tolerate fairly well. I would love to put you down about 7:30/8. As far as sleeping through the night, well, you're not.

The admiration here is mutual. Oh I pray you are best friends!

You were doing great sleeping until December 20ish came around and you got very, very sick. When you finally got over bug number 1, a few days passed (while brother and sister and mom had it) and you got bug #2 with a whole new set of symptoms--a dry cough that kept you up all night, a snotty nose that can match no other, throwing up snot, gooped over eyes, and fever. It was awful, and it lasted forever. It has taken our family 3 1/2 weeks to recuperate from those blows. We had one sleepless night in there that involved very sleepy parents and a pitiful Jonah. Oh, I just ached for you and wanted so badly to take that virus away from you and go in your place. Now that it has past, I am so, so thankful for your health.
Mid nasty bug. You didn't even feel like sitting up.
I took this picture and saw it and thought, "Wow. You look really good in this picture compared to real life.

Towards the end of the sickness. Look at those eyes.
You love: baths, watching/being entertained by Drew and Hannah, crawling everywhere, Mommy & Daddy, nursing, chewing on anything, the jumperoo, playing with Jill and being tickled.

Asleep in the jumperoo! I finally have one of "those" kids! Third time's a charm!
Two times?! Touch me twice!

You dislike: taking medicine (you are horrible! you gag every time and throw up a large portion of the time), getting your nose wiped, and being suctioned. All sickness related, so I'm thankful we aren't dealing with those currently!

By this point with Drew and Hannah, I'm pretty sure I had let them cry some at night and learn to put themselves to sleep. I remember it only taking one or two nights with them and they slept through the night ever since. So why can I not do this with you, even though I'm walking around half-zombie most of the time? Cause you're my baby! You know how they talk about the "baby of the family?" Well, you're gonna be the baby for good reason--I treat you like a newborn. I just love you to pieces and can't stand to hear you really cry. So for now, I'll just keep getting up with you at night and trusting that you won't be doing this in Kindergarten. ;) You better not be!

I love you, my sweet Jonah. You are the most precious little thing, and I thank God he saw fit to bless us with your perfect personality!


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