Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Happy 18 Months, Jonah!


I haven't written an updated blog on you in about 6 months, and I'm so sorry! I had great intentions. Really. But the house finally gets quiet at 10pm, and my brain is fried mush. Incapable of forming coherent sentences. Much less ones to go down in a baby book (er, blog).

So what about you?! We like to say you're a replica of Drew, only a climbing version. No kidding--you two are SO much alike. Maybe it's a boys verses girl thing, but I'm thinking it's something more. You love the washer and dryer (seriously--it's genetics), the vacuum, the mop--all cleaning related things like your brother.
I LOVE watching the two of you together. It's like you "get" each other in your little unspoken boy language. Y'all roughhouse and laugh at each other until you get the hiccups. He'll pull you around in a laundry basket or on a blanket, and you think it's the bee's knees. When you hear him coming down the stairs each morning, baby, you SPRINT to the gate. You two basically are crazy about each other.

Hannah really loves you, too. And you love yelling her name. fully realize that she is not much bigger than you are and that you can get away with more with her. So while you like her, you also like pulling her hair, pushing her, and pulling her clothes. It gets quite a rise out of her, and I think you secretly cackle like only a brother would. ;) She really is so sweet to you though, even though you don't always reciprocate. I have high hopes that with a little time, the two of you will be really close like Hannah & Drew are now.

Baby love, you are a CLIMBER. At 13 months old you climbed up Drew's bed, fell, and got 11 stitches. That was the day we learned you could climb. We've been frantically keeping up with you ever since. You scale the back of the couch, climb up our legs, shimmy to the top of the table, and zip up the stairs before we can turn around well. My favorite? When you reach the pinnacle of whatever mountain you're scaling, you start patting your hand over your mouth while you yell like a little Indian, as though you've just conquered a quest and you're giving a victory yell. That victory yell sends me RUNNING when I'm in another room. Drew and Hannah sometimes leave the stairs' gate open, and it keeps me on my toes!
Absolutely typical since about 13m old.
The very awful, several-thousands-of-dollars-fall battle wound the day after.

Around 15 months old (that's the magic age for toddlerhood to emerge), your little temper started rearing its head! If you are told "no," it's most likely that you'll fling yourself in the floor, scoot across on your stomach and potentially get carpet burn, flip over to whatever you know you're not supposed to have/do and immediately DO/GET it. Currently, it's Christmas tree ornaments and the plug for the Christmas lights. You run straight for it in anger as if to say, "I'll show you!" and then chunk it. So yeah, that's a lot of fun! :) We're working on patience and self control, and you're getting better. Some days.

You're a great eater. You eat just about anything and you can THROW DOWN some grub. You usually eat a decent amount more than Hannah at each meal. You each three meals a day plus an afternoon snack. You love grapes, cheese, yogurt, goldfish crackers, apples, green beans, corn on the cob, carrots, peas, bread, pizza, mac and cheese, turkey meat, spaghetti, lasagna, etc. Like I said, you're a great eater! You are STILL nursing twice a day. It wasn't my intention to nurse this long, but it's what works. You nurse at naptime and nighttime, but if I'm not here, you let Dad walk you to sleep after a couple of minutes. It works, so we press on.

Hannah was our talker. You--notsomuch. In the last 2-3 weeks you've started trying to finally talk more. Your favorite current words are Hannah, no, "is it," (where is it?), shoo-wee, now, and mama. You understand so much. You take things to people when asked, put things back where they belong when asked, head to the car when I tell you, and shimmy up into your highchair when I say, "Are you ready to eat?" And if I tell you we're going to check the clothes in the laundry room, you high tail it that way!

You loooooooove your mama! If you're slightly hurt, you're going to find mommy. Daddy says I coddle you a lot. That's probably true. But it's possible that you're my last baby, and as of now you ARE my baby, so I treat you that way. :) Experience has proven that the baby stage of wanting mama is quite short lived in the long run, so coddle I will!I spend a large portion of the day with you on my hip, usually pulling you out of whatever shenanigans you've gotten yourself into. ;)

You're currently 26.5 pounds, you wear a size 18-24 month clothes, size 5 diaper, and size 5 1/2 wide shoe. You absolutely hate shoes though, so we may not buy you anymore until you're 4.

You love: the laundry room, the pantry, the vacuum, the mop, pushing buttons, climbing, unrolling the toilet paper, riding in the car, being outside, playing in the potty, bathtime, taking your diaper off (especially if it's poopy. so much fun to clean up!).

You dislike: socks and shoes, footed pajamas (but I make you wear them anyway because few things are more precious), ketchup (you shudder), stopping in the car too long, mommy leaving the house (or going behind any closed door), and you simply are not crazy about a coat/jacket. (Yet another Drew-Jonah similarity!)

You had your first major sickness just a few weeks ago on Thanksgiving day--boo. You woke up Thanksgiving day with fever which later exploded into full-blown croup. You were PITIFUL. I could hear you breathing over the monitor, and I was paranoid you would be struggling to breathe and I wouldn't hear you. Daddy went and bought a humidifier for your room and he slept on the couch with the monitor next to his face. The next morning I left at 5 to go black friday shopping with jaja and kacie, but I was pretty miserable until you woke up and headed to the pediatrician. A few minutes after oral steroids and you were much, much better. I really felt like someone had lifted the weight of the world off my shoulders. Sickness is no fun, but when my baby's airway starts getting compromised, it's scary.

You are a fun, sweet, lovable boy, Jonah! You are full of spunk and joy and you are the first reason I smile so many days when I walk in your room to get you out of your crib. I know God is going to grow me through you and he's going to use you for great, great things in His kingdom! I thank Him so much for gifting you to me and Daddy. We love you to the moon and back!


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