Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Life Update

It is 10:20 at night and my creativity juices ran out. At approximately 10am. But now seemed a good time to fill in some gaps in the kids' "memory blog posts" since the house is FINALLY quiet enough to hear myself think.

DREW: This kid is amazing. He is all boy. Loud and boisterous and absolutely joyful. He is quick to forgive, so very compassionate, giving of his blessings, watchful of his siblings, and not afraid to get dirty. He is my right hand some days and is more mature than he probably should be at age 6. He loves to play the Wii and Clash of Clans, play ANYTHING outside with a friend, ride his bike, pretend to shave, and help around the house. He can do an entire load of laundry without assistance (minus the soap) which is the reason we have clean underwear some days. (Fist bump to Drew.) He is such a breeze to teach. He currently has finished the Kindergarten and first grade handwriting books and is starting on second grade printing and is begging to learn cursive. He can spot an onomatopoeia, personification, and a simile super quickly. He can do math in his head faster than I can sometimes, and he has learned more in history this year than I learned in my college classes. Just tonight he asked to read his history lesson as a bedtime story. (Blow me away.) He can read just about anything these days. While school always has little challenges and bumps, this year has been terrific. We've learned together and fought through some math together and been creative in our learning. All side by side. I have LOVED being his teacher this year and watching the lightbulb click on when something finally clicked. He is superb kid. My word for him, without a doubt, is JOY.

HANNAH: My sweet little firecracker. She is all things girl, including equal parts cuddling and drama. Her heart is tender and she needs lots of affirmation when her heart is pricked. Drew is her best friend and she loves to play with him. But when she gets too hot/cold/tired/hungry, she is DONE. We joke that she gets "hangry" (Angry when she's hungry) just like her mama. (Not that I get roaring mad. Just....snippy.) She has surprised me this year with our schooling. She now likes to be at the table with us working on whatever we're working on. I bought her a Handwriting Without Tears book for preK-K and she is loving it. In two days she's done 28 pages. Yeah, wow. She absolutely is a sponge when it comes to our history lessons. Many times Drew will be unsure of the answer to the review question, but she can spit out the answer! She really, really loves learning, and that excites me! I really pray I fan that flame and don't squash her desire. She loves to pretend to be her favorite characters. For two weeks I was "Captain Barnacles" and she was "Dashy" from the Octonauts. Today I am "Donkey Kong" and she is "Diddy Kong." It's quite hilarious how many times she corrects me in a day as I call her "Hannah." She loves to cuddle under warm blankets, fall asleep with her Daddy, play the Wii with Drew, put lots of bubbles in her bath, play babies, dress up, watch Princesses, read books, and eat popcorn. We got her hair chopped off to her shoulders about a month ago and it is THE cutest thing. As the only other female in the family, she is absolutely PRECIOUS to me.

JONAH: My little daredevil! He doesn't talk a whole lot (says 13-15 words), but he understands a wealth of speech! He is a climber, scaler, jumper, runner, and finder of any liquid to play in. He can undo baby-proof medication caps, baby-proof door locks/covers, and frequently gets into the secured knife drawer. Yeah. It's no wonder he got stitches at 13 months. That was our warning sign! He is in pure toddler mode: cleaning out a drawer in 30 seconds, unrolling toilet paper rolls, and dumping out any container he finds. He keeps me on my toes ALL. DAY. LONG. And when he wakes up, I can't wait to run in and kiss his face off. He is equal parts daredevil, mess, and sweetness rolled into one little tornado. He LOVES to be outside and with his siblings. He's a mama's boy, hands down. Lover of fruit, cheese, milk, bathtime, blankie, climbing stairs, and trains. He is the reason I smile and cuddle in the day and sleep soundly at night!

Andrew and I will somehow celebrate 11 years of marriage in May. I still feel like I'm 20 years old and freshly married (until I hang out with 20 year olds....then I definitely feel 30). My love for him is rooted, strong, constant, and pure. He is my best friend, and I thank God all the time for the gift of our young love. He knows my highlight reels and the scenes I'd rather delete forever. He is true and devoted and level-headed, fun and a rock for our family. I love doing life with him and serving God as a team. He makes this ride worth it!

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