Monday, December 10, 2007

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage...

An early Merry Christmas to us! That's right--baby is on the way! Andrew and I had been praying for the last year or so that God would bless us with children at his own time. Little did we know it would be so soon! However, we're extremely excited now that the shock and scare has passed. EDD is mid July. That's right, I'm going to weigh 500 pounds in the dead heat of summer. Beautiful! Just for the record, Andrew thinks it's a boy. I think it's a girl. We shall see at the end of February/beginning of March.

I'm only a little over 8 weeks now. Our original plan was to keep it a secret until January when we passed into the 2nd trimester. However, I work in a medical field which identifies pregnancies in young girls every day. Several people had me pegged as I ate every hour to fight the nausea, was extremely pale, dry, and emotional. Work knew. The family knew. Why not everyone else? lol! But really, we are announcing it to ask for prayers for a healthy full term baby!

Let me just be the first to say that an unexpected pregnancy does not mean extreme happiness without worries at first sight of the pink positive on the pee stick. Not that we weren't happy, it was just completely unexpected! We had several goals these next two years we wanted to accomplish before trying for children: 1) Pay off last credit card bill 2) Finish the upstairs room/bathroom to make office into nursery 3) Pay off more of truck. Little did we know the Lord had bigger and better plans! We have complete trust that He will provide for our needs and help us care for our little one.

Just for the record, pictures of the night we found out!

(me looking terribly freaked, Andrew looking happily freaked)

(how the whole thing probably got started...)

Please keep us and baby bean in your prayers!


The Glenn Gang said...

I love the Link Within because I get to go back and see posts like this. What a wonderful surprise! And, what a special little BOY you got!

Audra Laney said...

Nicki, I had to go back and reread this after I saw your comment! And you know what I couldn't help but notice? No one ever commented on my pregnancy announcement post! I must have had zero blogger friends then! LOL. But yes-you're right-we got such a special little boy!

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