Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Rough Day

So yesterday I woke up from my sleep and felt this horrible pain in my lower back. Turns out, when I lifted the 350 lb lady's head of her bed on early Tuesday morning, my back apparently didn't like it and is killing me for it today. This was after the lady asked for the bedpan 15 times in an hour....NO KIDDING. I was more than happy when she got a room upstairs. As I entered her room to tell her we were heading upstairs, guess what her last request was? A bedpan. I think not sweetheart. You just went 5 minutes ago. Seriously. Hold it.

Back to my back...I took a Tylenol, a hot shower, and tried putting a thermacare heat patch on it. It got so much worse. I was literally in the floor bawling it hurt so badly. Then I had to do something I HATE doing-calling into work. When you know work is swamped, and your friends are going to have to "pay" for you not coming in, it makes you feel like scum. Nevertheless, I couldn't MOVE much less run up and down halls for 12 hours. So it's now 5am and I'm finally able to get out of the bed without crying.

Our other dilemma of the night occurred right before I got in the shower for work. The winds were blowing at an incredible intensity and street signs were shaking down the road. Then the power went out. It usually comes back on within 10 minutes so I jumped (rather, hobbled) into the shower and still had no electricity to dry my hair when I got out. Did I mention my car was stuck in the garage and I couldn't pull the cord with my bad back to open the stupid thing? Did I also mention it was 22 degrees outside and we had no heat, a freshly stocked fridge and freezer, and a soaking wet head of hair? Not fun!

So...we slept because there was nothing else to do in our dark house until 9:30 when Andrew got up and drove to the next town to get his wife and child something to eat. Then Andrew, his brother, and I had a romantic candlelit dinner in the living room which consisted of burgers, fries, and cokes. I offered to spread a blanket on the floor for a picnic, but there were no takers. ;) None of them were up for chit chat so we all went to sleep again. The television woke me up at 2:30 blaring. We had been 10 hours without electricity. You would have thought we were dying! No electricity was so much more fun as a kid!

I think I remember now why I'm not one for "roughing it" without electricity. I'm sitting here at 5am waiting for the ice maker to produce some ice so I can have something to drink since all of our drinks are lukewarm!

Thank you, Lord, for electricity and heat!


Shannon said...

So sorry about your back.

I can totally sympathize with you and imagine the whole scenario in my head! Bedpans are evil!! Seriously, I can count on one hand the times that the sheets stayed completely dry when I took someone off a bedpan. So annoying!

Hilary said...


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