Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Week 15

Week 15 Update:
Weight gain this week: 0.5 lbs
Total gain: -2.5

I feel blessed that I wasn't one of the women who gains 25 lbs in the first trimester. However, I have a terrible feeling it's all about to catch up with me! Starting just this past Saturday night, my hunger pains came a LOT more frequently. I was about to start timing them like contractions. lol! They seriously hurt so much that all I can do to satisfy them is to eat! Weight gain, here we come.

I wore my first maternity shirt Sunday to church. Everyone was saying how cute it was, and people who didn't know I was pregnant yet were coming up to me and asking all about the baby. It was a lot of fun. I got my first pair of pregnancy jeans in the mail yesterday. I was so excited. Then I tried them on this morning, first thing. It's a no-go. They're "short" in length and they still drag the ground when I'm on my tip toes! I have a 29" inseam, and I'm pretty sure those were like 32" at least. So I was pretty disappointed, and I gotta send them back. :( At least there's Gap, whose "short" jeans truly are for the vertically challenged.

On another note, if you're looking for maternity clothes, DON'T buy them from the store! Go to ebay! People sell brand new maternity clothing with tags for dirt cheap. I just got a ton of clothes this past weekend for next to nothing. I can't wait for them to come in so I no longer have to safety pin my pants! Sad, huh? Word to the wise: buy your maternity clothes BEFORE you're desperate for them.

The girl with no face. Seriously. What am I going to put in my scrapbook for my pregnancy pictures? All pictures with no heads?! I've gotta get Andrew to take some pictures of me full bodied so I don't constantly resemble the headless horseman.

Whoa baby bump! Can't suck it in anymore. And I'm not doing the back arch, thanks.

So this weekend is the youth rally at church. I love this time of the year. It's so fun to learn new songs, hear new speakers, and really spend time in God's word and worship through song. I need this!

My last bit of good news: THANKS TO HEATHER, we're going to see Brad Paisley Thursday night at the Fed Ex Forum!! We're so not concert people, but we're so excited b/c he's both mine and Andrew's favorite artist. Kacie is moping because she wants to go. You know what I say? You went to Cancun. You've still got me beat!


Shannon said...

I took the same kind of pictures the first go around (since I always thought about it before my husband got home). This time around there weren't as many belly pictures, but I set up the timer and took "real" pictures.

Cute belly...and I wish I would thought about Ebay for maternity clothes!

Hilary said...

So cute!!

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