Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Nursery Pictures

Has it really been a week since I blogged? Shame on me! In my defense, this house has been quite busy for the past several days!

Kacie and Judd visited with us last week from Thursday-Sunday. We LOVE having them in town. It always means lots of laughs, shopping, and good food. Kacie has really been on the "project bandwagon" lately, so she motivated me to get started painting the nursery. The four of us worked on it for a few hours and got it almost finished in no time; all it lacks is the chair rail! I'm not sure what camera Andrew took the pictures with, but they're not extremely clear. You get the idea though. (Imagine white chair rail separating the blue and green).

I'm so ready to get the room packed with his stuff. We ordered a rocking chair Sunday and plan on ordering the crib very soon from Baby Time in Memphis. Sometimes I just go and stand in the room--in awe that it's all actually coming together. It's almost like painting the nursery really signifies a baby WILL eventually be here. I of course want him to stay inside and "bake" for as long as possible, but I look forward so much to smelling of his sweet baby skin and counting his adorable fingers and toes and feeling his soft skin on my fingers. I know before I turn around well, he'll be here; however, sometimes July feels like FOREVER away!

We're heading out this weekend with our friends, The Greshams, to Florence, Alabama. It's going to be so nice to just get away and relax without any pressing plans. And of course we ALWAYS have an AWESOME time with the Greshams. Even Andrew is looking forward to late night card games! :)


Kelly said...

I'm way impressed how quickly you're getting things ready. That will give you even more time to rest and relax as it gets closer. Get as much sleep now as you can! :)

Kelly said...

And I forgot, it's SO cute!

Anonymous said...

so cute!

Hilary said...

oh my! that looks awesome & so adorable!! good job everyone! can't WAIT until this weekend!!!

The Glenn Gang said...

LOVE the nursery pics! SO, SO sweet!

Luke & Amanda said...

Audra, the nursery looks awesome!! Good job!!

I cant wait to smell his sweet baby skin, too!!


P.S. Is that the PB bassinette?

Shannon said...

I LOVE the polka dots! The colors are super cute too. I'm impressed!

Andrew & Audra said...

Amanda- Yes, that's the PB bassinet we got for a steal!

Thanks for your sweet comments!

Wade said...

POTW, please!

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