Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Weekend & Baby Recap (minus pictures)

I'm a bad blogger! Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I hate when I check someone's blog repeatedly, and it's never updated. I have become what I hate! I've postponed blogging because I STILL don't have that camera cord. I've looked high & low for it, so when it's found there's going to be one large post of pictures (which is what I prefer to see over my words anyway!).

Recap from weekend: We went on an awesome weekend getaway with the Greshams (see their blog to the right) to Florence, Alabama. Hilary got us a great deal at an awesome hotel, and we so enjoyed hanging out, eating cookies, playing cards, geocaching and shopping. Moments from the trip:
- We drove through Walnut, MS. People, if you've never been through Walnut (pronounced Wawl-nuut if you're a true southerner), you're missing out. I kid you not--there was a graveyard sign called "Coon Dog Graveyard." I thought that was something you'd only see in the movie "Sweet Home Alabama." We went into one of two stores in town for me something to eat (I WOULD be hungry in the middle of Wawlnuut). Everything in there was camouflage. It was as if everyone in there were out of a book from the past. I can't even explain it. The potato wedges Andrew decided on for us had been cooked for 2 hours in 2 year old grease. One bite and I nearly saw it come back up again. Andrew, on the other hand enjoyed all 6 to himself. My stomach continued to growl. Either way--the coolest part of this scenario was this is where my mom & her family were raised. I had to call and thank her for getting out of there when it was her time. I'm sure Walnut was an awesome place to be raised, but time's "they are a changin'." I didn't even have cell phone service. Blasphemy!

-Hilary and I sat outside one early afternoon talking for about an hour while the guys geocached. It was a little chilly outside. I had on my jacket and my jeans. Wouldn't you know my face got sunburned? I used to not have this problem, but in the last 2-3 years it's as if my skin burns at the slightest amount of natural daylight. Even the top of my hands were pink. Shiesh.

-I managed to go into Cracker Barrel without crying. It was a big step!

-However, I almost teared up in church Sunday morning b/c the 2 year old in front of us was SO darn cute. He smiled at us for nothing. Adorable!

-For Sunday lunch, a steakhouse in Florence was recommended to us. As we sat outside waiting, the smell of steak filled the air causing my mouth to water. We went inside where an eclectic mixture of music was playing (soft jazz, southern rock, country, etc). The walls were decorated with old newspaper in some spots and fake stone in others. It was...different. We were handed the menus. I opened mine. No pictures of steak. I turned it over. Still no steak. What in the world? Wouldn't you know I had to request a SPECIAL MENU for steak at a STEAKHOUSE!? Then we ordered sweet tea. It was brought out to us with ORANGE SLICES instead of lemon. Hilary got a picture for good measure. It was crazy. As we were finishing up our meal, I heard the people next to us saying they thought for SURE this place had steak, but it was nowhere on the menu! Their faces looked about like mine when I told them they had to special request a steak menu.

Baby Update: Kicking ALL the time. I think he knows when mama's hands are on the belly versus someone else's because he'll just kick, kick, kick while I'm touching the belly. The second someone else's hand trades with mine, he gets really still! He did allow Hilary to feel several kicks in church on Sunday morning. Speaking of church, you're pretty much guaranteed to see or feel movement during church time. He loves it. When the singing stops he starts kicking away like, "Do it again!" Or he'll kick after a deep voice stops blaring over the microphone. He loves that too. He's sure to fall in love with my dad if my assumptions are true. :)

Little dude is getting bigger. My uterus is almost up to my diaphragm. When he kicks, it gets really close to my rib cage. I'm not so much looking forward to that continuing upward expansion. A necessary evil, I guess! It's becoming a bit more uncomfortable to get situated in the bed, but I'm not complaining because I can only imagine how much worse it's going to get from here. I'm sleeping as much as possible right now. I don't make morning appts on my days off. I sleep instead. And when my alarm yells at me to get up, I usually just turn it off and head back to sleep, thinking I won't be able to do that again for a loooong time.

We're really looking forward to the 4D ultrasound in a few weeks. I can't wait to see my little man. He's kicking me now. I think he knows we're talking about him. ;)

Work calls tomorrow night through Friday night. Maybe I'll have a good patient story. I had one for last week, but I forgot who it was. I give you entertainment at my expense. Aren't you lucky?

Have an awesome week. Pictures to come as soon as my camera cord appears!

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Hilary said...

That little boy was sooooo adorable! I think your baby will smile just as much as he did!

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