Monday, April 28, 2008

Lots o' Pictures & Updates

A lot has happened in a week since I last blogged; with it, comes a great deal of pictures! I'll try to keep the words brief, while giving credit where it's due. :)

1. Kacie, Hilary, and Anna pulled off an AMAZING baby shower this weekend. There is no possible way to thank them enough for all that was done. Kacie went above and beyond with gifts she spoiled her soon-to-be nephew with. She added creative touches everywhere! It. was. perfect!

It was so great to see my nursing school friends again, minus 3 who couldn't make it. We missed you guys!

(Diaper cake especially designed by Anna)

(onesie cookies--how creative!)

Hilary putting the finishing touches on the table.

Kacie made a scrapbook with page for each guest to fill out, making predictions on the baby's birth date & weight, along with advice for me! It was precious!

Drink table- blue lemonade with duckies, mason jars with raffia, and blue drink umbrellas....sooo cute!

Sarah and I. She's 13 weeks pregnant!

Amanda & I. You can't get much more thoughtful than she is.

Adorable outfit from Amanda

Gorgeous outfit from Hilary & her parents. He'll be having his professional picture made in this one. :)

The coveted diaper bag Kacie got me. I know it's adorable.

Nursing school girls (Amanda, Emily, Audra, Mary Kathryn, & Sarah)

All the girls, minus my mom (Hilary, Amanda, Emily, Audra, Mary Kathryn, Sarah, Kacie & Anna)

Thank you all SO much. I had the best time! We are beyond blessed to have you all as friends & family!

2. My sweet husband came home and surprised me with the crib! Bedding is now washed and set up in his room, minus the breathable bumper which isn't here yet. Yay! His closet is nearly full, with more stuff yet to come! His bassinet is almost finished being set up. See my favorite baby doll in the bassinet?

3. We got to spend lots of time with Justin & Hilary this weekend, which is alway wonderful. It's so weird to think the next time we see them, we'll officially be a family of three!! I couldn't believe it, but when I uploaded my pictures I had NONE of me & Hilary together, so I'm depending on her to upload hers soon! We went out to eat with Kacie & Judd and my parents on Saturday night at our new favorite steakhouse, Longhorn.

(Mom, Daddy, me). Everyone at church says the baby looks like my dad. I think it's because he and I look so alike! However, I have my mom's beautiful lips, which I believe the baby has also inherited. :)

(possibly the worst picture ever of us, but it's the only recent one I have!)

4. I'm getting fatter! 28 weeks here...

My stomach looks like a pot of lava sometimes with the way it moves. It's not so much little punches or kicks anymore, but big wavelike movements that last for quite a while! Andrew frequently gets awakened by the kicking baby at night if he falls asleep with his hand on my stomach. :) He's waking up daddy before he's even out of the womb. Ah oh! I've been having some minor problems with my heart lately when I'm at work or do too much at home. Please keep us in your prayers as we see different doctors and decide what to do or not to do!

5. The blog is getting a "custom blog botox" makeover!! Thanks to the thoughtful Hilary, the blog will be getting a new design from after the baby arrives! What an awesome gift! Thanks, Hil!

I believe this is enough updating for one post. I can't believe I didn't max out the picture storage capacity with this one! Hope you all have a fabulous week. Enjoy this beautiful weather!


Logan said...
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Our wild zoo! said...

wow what a gorgeous baby shower! And a blessed baby and momma!! Thanks for sharing =) I loved seeing all your photos, they're great.

Kristina and TJ said...

I love the mason jar idea and the paint colors in the nursery. Thanks for sharing!!

Kendra @ Domestic Princess in Training said...

Love, love, LOVE the blue paint in the nursery with the green and white polka dots under the chair rail. What a fun idea! I'm going to keep that one in mind for future nursery. We are not even trying so let’s hope I can remember it in a few years when we are :0)

noahandlylasmommi said...

Beautiful shower!

Lindsey Conrad - Nabors said...

Love the jar glasses with raffia! such a cute lil touch!

Claire said...

Oh, I love your shower! How cute!


Dana said...

I was looking back at Kelly's baby shower posts and came across yours. I am planning a shower for twin boys and would like to make blue lemonade...I saw the lemonade in your pictures and was wondering if you know the recipe? It looks exactly what I'm wanting without ice cream or sherbet. Could you let me know or email


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