Friday, May 9, 2008

Heart Update

History: For 3-4 weeks now my heart has been speeding up to 120-160 beats per minute with very minimal exertion (drying my hair, sweeping the floor, etc). It rarely falls below 100 if I'm not lying down. In the last 2 weeks it has gotten to the point where I've become sweaty, dizzy, and short of breath with these spells. I was put on 2 different heart monitors to record the events.

I followed up with my doctor this morning who basically said, "Yep, your rate goes up to the 160s very frequently and it's going to get worse until you deliver. Your blood pressure is running too low to put you on a beta blocker so I'll just see you in 3 months after the baby's born! That should fix the problem! (Exit doctor stage right). To keep it nice, I was very unimpressed.

We then got a few strings pulled (thanks Andrew & Amanda!) and got in to see Dr. Patel this afternoon. He was soooo kind and understanding. He took plenty of time to listen to what's been going on and was very understanding. He's testing my thyroid levels & getting the rest of my records the first doctor didn't send over. In the meantime I'm on "very light duty" at work. I didn't say anything to the doc, but that order is just next to impossible. I'm taking it "as light as possible" as it is! Work has been nothing but wonderful about taking it easy on me, and I can't take it much easier and I'm still having problems.

His take on the situation was this:
-Take it very easy until I follow up with him on the 23rd
-Rest more
-Call him if it gets worse
-No meds
-Bedrest is most likely in the near future
-It will continue to get worse over the next 2 1/2 months

Please keep us in your prayers! We definitely want a healthy mom & a healthy baby, but we're trying to stretch my time at work to keep us financially okay and not waste away my maternity leave before our bundle of joy gets here. Thanks for your prayers in advance!


Kelly said...

Oh wow, hang in there and take good care of yourself!

Hilary said...

Yikes. I'll call soon.

Amanda said...

No prob getting you in with Patel, glad he took care of you. You and Andrew I consider dear friends, and if you need anything, you know how to reach me ! I'll do whatever I can to help ! Please take it easy, and keep me updated. I'm working up front Friday, so guess I'll see ya then !

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