Monday, April 21, 2008

Updates & 4D Pictures :)

Sorry it's been so long. Life here has been so busy lately! Lemme break it down for you:

-Passed my 3 hour glucose test! (and I think I have permanent nerve injury to my right middle finger from one specific prick--ouch!)

-Got the 4D ultrasound on Saturday. This baby is BEAUTIFUL and has my lips and nose. My dad was especially proud of the nose since I inherited it from him. He has a little hair as well! He slept most of the time, even though I ate sugary pancakes and a coke 30 minutes before go-time. He did manage to stick his tongue out at us, yawn, and get mad when we confirmed once more that he was a boy. :)

-We planted lots of flowers yesterday with the help of Andrew's mom and his brother. The yard looks SO MUCH BETTER. Now if we can just control that weed problem!

-My milky skin hadn't seen sunlight in a year, so of course I roasted yesterday. I'm now walking around the house on my day off with greasy hair, a tank top, and lotiony skin because I have clear blisters! Ouch!

-Pregnancy complaints: The first day of my third trimester brought indigestion with it. Ick. But the worst--the back pain. I hear it only gets worse from here. Ahh!

-This weekend Kacie is throwing me a baby shower. I'm so excited! We'll make sure to take plenty of pictures and post them!


Kelly said...

What a cutie!

Anonymous said...

he's so sweet!

Shannon said...

Those pictures are amazing! It will be neat to compare them with the after birth pictures.

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