Monday, April 21, 2008


I got tagged by Wade to write 7 more things you might not know about me. (Pretty soon, you'll know everything about me!)

1. I hate bugs. Any bug. That includes ladybugs and butterflies. They're fine to look at, but don't ask me to touch one. The outside of our house is INFESTED with mosquito eaters this year. I go into panic mode every time I walk outside. shudder

2. I can't spell mosquito correctly. I've always spelled it "misquito" and spellcheck corrected it. I'm embarrassed with myself. (Embarrassed is also another word I constantly have to look up the correct spelling for.) Second grade must have not paid off well for me.

3. I hardly ever buy CDs. I copy other people's. However, when I find one I like, it stays in my CD player for at least 6 months while I listen to it on autoplay and learn all the words.

4. I love to download karaoke music and sing when I'm stressed. I've never been one to use bubble baths, chocolate, etc. Just give me a good song.

5. I worry a lot more than I should.

6. I have unusually large thumbs...and people at work make fun of me for it. (Insert large thumb joke here)

7. I love my electric toothbrush, and hate using a standard one. I feel like my teeth haven't been properly cleaned.


Justin said...

if men got tagged to blog about things people don't know about them, they could just copy and paste from the previous person.

Kacie said...

I know you don't buy CD's...I let you copy mine! And you may listen to it over and over - but I can almost guarantee that you'll still say something like, "Fred easy down the road I go" :)

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