Tuesday, December 2, 2008

In a Nutshell

I am so behind on blogging! Let's see if I can make this quick...

Thanksgiving was great.
Love my family.
Ate too much.
Pants are tight yet again.

How's that in a nutshell?

The great grandmother and her great grandchild

I wish I had time for better writing, but my almost 5 month old doesn't provide enough time for that. I decided yesterday that I really started loving Mommyhood at 4 1/2 months. Don't get me wrong. It was always wonderful. But now it's superb! He has his own little personality that continues to develop every day. There's no doubt he's stubborn (from yours truly), but when he's happy he's sooo happy. People tell me all the time what a "good baby" he is; they're so right. He loves to stand and bounce--really anything except sit down. Not much progress on the sleeping through the night deal. Still working on that. Today for the first time he actually swallowed the applesauce instead of spitting it out. I praised him to no end, and he continued to look at me as if I had 3 heads. I'm also pretty sure more ended up in his hair, hands, and bib than in his mouth.

He's rolling over a lot now which is a lot of fun!I got it on video this morning, but I haaate uploading video to blogger because it takes a lifetime. We'll see about putting it up if Drew miraculously takes a long nap today. :)

Dad had the second surgery on his foot today. We are on the uphill again! The doctor said the graft went great so we're positive this outcome will be better than the last! Andrew's mom has been put in the hospital for elevated blood pressure which isn't responding to oral meds, so please keep her and dad in your prayers. Mr. Active is whining! Have a blessed day!


Lori said...

this post made me laugh on the inside; you're a great writer. glad your thanksgiving was good. i'm sorry things aren't great w/ the sleeping.

Andrew, Audra & Drew said...

You are always so kind. Thanks for the sweet comment. I need to call you soon!

Amanda said...

Glad things are going well for you. Hope Drew starts sleeping through the night for you...it will be some time before Eli does that for us! Drew's so sweet. Glad you guys had a great Thanksgiving! We both have so much to be thankful for!

Kacie said...

Um, Drew's aunt would like to see the video... :)

Hilary said...

Good update. It looks like I need to do one of those myself. I just so tired by the time I have time, I don't want to do it. ha. We'll be praying for Andrew's mom.

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