Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy 10 Months, Drew!

(You've been waiting, Deda! Here ya' go!!)

Drew turned 10 months old on Saturday, but I didn't have time to type up his post since I was out taking advantage of Mother's Day festivities. Based on the LARGE amount of emails I received wondering where Drew's list of new accomplishments, likes, and dislikes was, I decided I better hop on here and type it out before I get bombarded by blogger emails and go over my email quota.

Total lie. ;)

So, to appease the few family members who visit our site, here's Drew's 10 month post.

Likes: Gerber food numbers 2 & 3, water in a bottle, walking, using his push-car, being outside, rolling on pillows, turning upside down, his toes, his hands, belly buttons (other people's, not his), climbing up people's legs, anything that makes noise (paper, plastic bags, noisy books, etc), his elmo fishing pole (which has a FUNKY smell right now), chewing on any and EVERYthing, mashed potatoes, cell phones, remotes, belts, music (Wheels on the Bus, Rise & Shine & Give God the Glory, The Gospel Chariot, 10 Little Monkeys, Old McDonald, Wandering Jews), dancing, being asked if he's a pig, the swing at the park, wrestling, being tickled, climbing, computer cords and cables, being chased

: Diaper changes, naps, getting dressed, wearing a bib (much to my laundry's dismay), his rocking horse (he'll come around!), the vacuum cleaner

Accomplishments: WALKING EVERYWHERE! He finally walks more than he crawls, and sometimes tries to run and ends up falling. About to break through teeth numbers 5 & 6. Just days before his 10 month birthday, Drew took a nap IN HIS CRIB for an hour and 45 min, then 2 days later took another TWO HOUR nap in his crib. A first since he was just weeks old! Says "e, i, e, i" in Old McDonald. Sometimes waves bye bye, but it ends up looking like he's hitting someone in the chest with his hand. Pincher grasp is getting much better! Not choking on baby food anymore...still learning to try and chew instead of swallowing things whole. Using a sippy cup, although he hasn't quite figured out how to tilt it up.

What a personality this little dude is developing. He has quite the temper and can be so stubborn at times! He knows what is a "no no," and he's all into testing the boundaries! Things that are off limits which he loves: nightlight (found him with the bulb in his mouth), fan/heater in his room, fireplace, computer cords/cables.

Drew will finally wrap his arms around me and lay his head on my shoulder for just a few seconds. On a few occassions he's even fallen asleep on my shoulder in the past month. I love it! He recognizes extended family when he sees them--it makes their hearts skip beats! He's pretty much down to one nap a day. Occassionally he'll take 2, but 1 good nap will usually do the trick. He cried for the first time when I left him in the nursery this past Sunday morning. Upon seeing his terrible face and cry, I couldn't help but race back in the room to get him and console him. As soon as he was happy again, I sneaked back out. I just can't stand to see him hurting--physical OR emotional! People say, "He's such a Mama's boy!" like it's a bad thing, but I LOVE it!

Drew's 1st sucker


My view looking downward a large percentage of my time...

I love my time with him, and realize more and more each day how big he's getting and how he's turning from a baby into a toddler. I'm having to buy his clothes in the 12m-24m section now which makes me so sad! It's just another reminder that he's not an infant. But oh how I love this big boy! The one year mark is just around the corner, and that doesn't seem possible. Can I possibly love him anymore by that time?!

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Shannon said...

I loved 10 months. Almost the end of the baby phase, but not quite an independent toddler yet. Enjoy it! He's a doll!!

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