Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vaccine Info I Wish I'd Known

I'm so embarassed. More than that, I feel so guilty. I have finally educated myself on vaccines, using sources outside of government funded websites. I'm just shocked. Even doctors I used to work with say they don't get their children immunized due to the additives in the vaccines. I read story after story after story of people who lost their children or whose children were permanently injured because of a vaccine.

Why hadn't I read all this BEFORE injecting all that stuff into my child? That's why I am embarrassed and feel guilty...I blindly trusted the words of pharmaceutical companies!

Yeah. I got them and I'm fine. So did tons of others. But so, so many people have children who are being harmed by these vaccines. They're either not reported, or the government and health care professionals refuse to link them to the vaccines.

Drew received the chicken pox vaccine a few weeks ago at his 1 year check up. Had I known that the chicken pox vaccine contains aborted baby cells, I would have adamantly refused. I know now.

This is the kicker. Good ole Mississippi is one of two states in the entire country who does not allow parents to choose what vaccines, if any, their child receives. This leaves me with two options: homeschool or move out of state. So for now, we're changing pediatricians to one who more accurately aligns with our beliefs and we'll vaccinate as we see fit.

I'm not anti vaccines. I'm anti-notknowingwhatyourchildisgetting-and mandating it for my child to have an education!

I just wish I'd known this information BEFORE I allowed Drew to be vaccinated, before I just trusted the government with my child's healthcare decisions. Mistake made. Not again!


The Glenn Gang said...

There is such a debate going on about this. I talked a long time to my pediatrician and finally had to make a decision that I felt was best for us. Every one has to come to that place. It is tough being a parent some times.

Audra said...

@Nicki--You're right. The sad part of all this is that in MS, parents can't make their own decision about the vaccinations! I totally support any parent's decision in what she/he thinks is best for her/his child. I hope I didn't come across as NOT feeling that way. My guilt comes from realizing that I didn't research enough pre-Drew to come to a conclusion that my conscience was okay with. Glad you found that spot...I'm getting there!

S. said...

I realize that not being a parent, I have a different perspective. But also being educated about vaccines (NOT from human pharmaceutical companies), and after having MANY conversations about them with the pediatrician that I trust most in the world, I will DEFINITELY have my children vaccinated. For example, before polio vaccines, how many children died or were permanently disabled? If no one were vaccinated, there would be a higher risk that children would died of so many of these diseases than there is a risk of an adverse vaccine reaction. States like Mississippi don't want some parents to decide to risk causing an outbreak of diseases in schools because they refused vaccines that would protect all the children they come in contact with. If you don't want to take those risks, homeschool is an acceptable option. Just please realize WHY Mississippi would require it. To protect everyone else - not just Drew.

Audra said...

Shellaine- I'm in agreeance with you on a lot of your comment. I see the positives in the greater good (handful of vaccine reactions vs. lots of sick children). But all of them shouldn't be required. HepB for example....chicken pox...

And, if I read correctly, a lot of the vaccines which include multiple vaccines (MMR) you can't get them separately, so you must give your child 3 at once.

My other issue is the MS vaccine schedule...everything is so crammed into such a short time frame...and while they're so young. At least wait until after a year to start them.

If parents were allowed to opt out of certain vaccines and put their children at school, who would be the children at risk? If vaccines work as they're supposed to, the unvaccinated children will be the ones at risk...and their parents know that.

The other 48 states in America have not noticed huge outbreaks by allowing parents to choose which vaccines they want and which ones they don't. I just wish MS would catch up to the rest of the U.S.

S. said...

I agree they should spread the vaccines out more. That's a lot for an immune system to try to process at once.

You have to look at immunity from a population stand point. Vaccines aren't all or nothing. If a vaccine gives, say, 93% immunity, but only one child in 1000 in an outbreak had the vaccine, he will be overwhelmed and probably still get sick. If only one in 1000 DIDN'T get the vaccine, an epidemic probably won't even start. There's a lot more probability and risk involved than just you get the vaccine and you're safe, you don't and you're not. But like I said, I'm not a mom. I'm just trained to think of how diseases affect populations so I have a different perspective.

Wade said...

Hey A - I think you know my background well enough to know that I can have a stauch opinion on this subject but all I'll say is check your sources. Many of the things you're reading about vaccines is true but much of it is also exaggerated. It's a touchy subject that hits very close to home. The worst part about it all is that this discussion has gone political -- so get ready to make even less sense then it does already!

Thanks for keeping an INFORMED opinion!

By the way, Kelly and I decided to get the vaccinations.

Karen said...

That is so scary to even think about. Our baby is due in December and I will have to make a decision about vaccines at that time. I am sure there is so much out there that we will never know. Thanks Audra for posting this.


Audra said...

Wade--do you know of reputable sources outside of government funded ones? I'm looking for all the info I get, but I feel like government ones just kinda wash over most of the issues like, "Eh, no big deal!"

I truly want to hear both sides!

Karen said...

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Jenn @ Beautiful Calling said...

Aborted baby cells? Oh, my! That is a huge issue for me! I can't believe I never have thought to ask what is in the vaccines!

Hilary said...

What sites did you look at?

Audra said...

Hil--I'll email you!

Amy said...

Our pediatrician is awesome and allows us to use a delayed vaccine schedule so I haven't done too much research on specific vaccines. My overall thought currently is, "If it will likely kill them or cause major damage get it (although delay a bit if you can)."

I am still hoping that Jessica will find someone to catch the chicken pox from (although it seems unlikely). However, I may have her eventually get the shot because I have heard the adult version (shingles) significantly worse and more dangerous than childhood chicken pox. On the other hand I have heard that the vaccine does not grant you as much immunity from shingles as a good case of the chicken pox will...

Obviously I am still a little undecided. Could you e-mail me some of the stuff you have read?

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