Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Here's Your Nice Deed for the Day

You know those emails you get that are like, "If you don't forward this to 50,235 people in the next 19 minutes, you will die"? This is not one of those, but if you DO help out, it would sure be nice of you. The Lord just might say when you get to the pearly gates, "Remember that time you helped out your blogger friend? Well done, good and faithful servant! Enter in!" And you'll be so glad you did. ;)

My adorable new niece's photographs are up on Brandy Jagger's website. If the comments on the photographer's blog post for Caroline's photos reach the number 20, the parents get a special prize having to do with their daughter's photos. Now wouldn't you want someone to help you out? And you probably have a spare 30 seconds on your hands. So....head on over here and leave a comment. Say anything. But something positive would be best...

'Cause if you don't you're gonna have a booger hanging out your nose and toilet paper on your shoe at your next company meeting and no one's gonna tell you. And you'll lose your raise.


Kacie said...

You're hilarious. I literally laughed out loud. Thank you for posting this!

JobandBrittany said...

coupon question!

if you download a coupon for say bounty paper towels on cellfire, shortcuts, and pg&e & have a paper coupon will all 4 coupons get taken off that 1 item?

Audra said...

Brittany--No. Your paper coupon + 1 downloaded coupon will be taken off one roll. The other 3 downloaded coupons can be used on 3 MORE bounty paper towels (and more paper coupons if you have them).

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