Sunday, January 3, 2010

Audra Laney is...

I started thinking, "what if people put the truth on facebook about themselves?" So many times it's easy to paint a "perfect life" picture of ourselves to others because, naturally, that's what we want people to see. I find that I realize just how much I need a Savior when I concentrate on the areas in life I need to work in. That brings me to this:

What if even the bad things in our lives were broadcasted on facebook? The things that aren't so pretty, but also are true...What might our statuses say?

Audra is...

a gossiper
unable to hold her tongue
hot tempered at times
sometimes ungrateful
unkind at times
a name-caller

But you know what?

Audra Laney is....

in spite of the bad things she is.
saved by a merciful, wonderful Savior.
washed clean daily.
perfect in the sight of God, thanks to a friend who is perfection in and of itself.
thankful to "I Am."

"Your name is Jesus. You're the wonderful, counselor, my friend. You're what I hold on to. I know that You brought me through. All the days of loss and to the cross, You knew that I'd need a Savior."


Ben and Audrey said...

LOVE this! its so true!! maybe i should be a little more honest on facebook!

praise the Lord we have a forgiving Savior!!

Anonymous said...
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