Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Today my dad turns 51! In honor of his birthday, I decided to list some things my dad has taught me during his 51 years on earth...well, technically I guess he taught them to me in 25 since, you know, he didn't have me at his birth. You know what I mean...

-My dad knows all about Johnny Weismiller (sp?). My dad was/is a Tarzan fanatic. And can I tell you how many times my dad would tell me "that's actually Johnny in the water right there! Look at him swim! Man! Did you know he set the swimming record for....?!"

-Oh and he can do the Tarzan 'holler.' I'm not kidding. One time he did it for my new youth group friends in Missouri. I almost sunk into the ground. But it's pretty cool that he can pull it off!

-I owe my love of Reeses peanut butter cups to this man.

-He showed me how to blow up beaver dams when I was like 8.

-He taught me how to cast a line and pull a fish in. He also showed me how to skin them, but you couldn't pay me enough to do that.

-He tried to teach me to cut the grass. One of the few things he failed at. I never did it.

-He also showed me how to row out into the middle of a lake to get a deer he just killed while going for a impromtu his sleep pants!

-He taught me to always check for goose poop on your shoes after walking around a park full of geese. (He once forgot and blamed it on the other family members in the car...and then got out in total frustration and, with much force, rubbed his feet all over the ground while nearly slipping and falling. The rest of the family was dying of laughter in the vehicle. Obviously, we STILL get a crack out of this 15 years later.)

-My dad taught me a love of singing!

-He taught me that if someone takes a bite of your lunch burger, you should give them your milk too...only his version was to pour it over the perp's head. (We're talking grade school here, people.)

-He taught me that it's important to spend time with family.

-He taught me respect for my elders.

-He taught me to spend every second with my baby boy possible, because they grow up fast!

-He continues to teach me generosity and giving!

I love you, Daddy! And I totally expect you to teach every one of these things to Drew! Who else is gonna know EVERY fact about Tarzan?!

Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Love you,


Lori T said...

Happy Birthday to your special Daddy. He also taught you to love and honor your spouse!

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Audra said...

Lori-Yes indeed!

Anonymous--thanks for the sweet compliment. I thought having a baby had changed 1/4 of my brain to mush, but maybe it's just creating more originality. Hm... Thanks again!

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