Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy 18 Months, Drew!

Is it really possible that I'm HALF WAY to the next birthday party?! That also means I'm half way to also having to spend hours and hours pouring over a "2nd year" video. Please excuse me while I go bang my head on the wall!!

18 months. My my, how I love this age! I'll try to break it down rather quickly:

Physically: I know you've grown in height because last month you could easily walk underneath the kitchen table; this month you have to squat to avoid hitting your head at the threshold! You are in an 18-24 month top and 12-18 month pants. A lot of your 18 month pants still completely swallow you! You're cutting your top canines (finally). We're looking forward to a teething break until that set of 2 year molars cuts through later this year. You've outgrown several pairs of shoes! You're pretty much in a 6-7 size shoe now, but you only wear them when we make you. :)

Likes: OUTSIDE is your favorite word I think. You could play out there all day! We are really looking forward to it warming up so we can get back out there and get some fresh air! Playing with the washer/dryer has to be your second favorite pasttime. You love helping with the laundry. I say the word "clothes" and you RACE to the laundry room! You'll even push the basket of clothes across the house to wash them. Love my big helper! Bath time with Daddy is always a favorite! You love when your relatives let you play with their cabinets, microwave, dishwasher, washer/dryer, broom, mop, dust-buster, or vacuum. See a trend there? (NOT toys!) You also have a new fascination with closing doors!

Dislikes: coming inside, sitting still for diaper changes, watching mommy or daddy leave

Personality: HAPPY! So very, very happy! You only ever cry if you're hurt or very tired. You're also very active. You don't play with any one thing for very long (no more than 2 minutes usually) before you're off for the next adventure. You are quite stubborn and have quite the temper as well! This has resulted in Mommy having to reach for different disciplining techniques. It breaks my heart to ever spat you or ignore you, but it's for the best in the end.

Speech: Just not progressing much here. We read, read, read, and talk, talk, talk. Still not many advances. I hear boys talk later than girls, so we're patiently waiting. Even though you may not say too many words, you understand most of what we say, even 2 step commands. You're learning the difference in location words (in, on top of, under) and opposites (off, on/open, close). You're signing all done, more, bite, drink, & help. That makes our job a little easier. If we can't understand what you want, you have no problem pulling our arm and leading us where you want to go (usually the laundry room or the pantry--two favorite play areas!).

Random tidbits:
-We are in that stage where you misplace important items (ie the remote and keys)
-You lick your touchy feely books now. So strange! You especially love feeling the sandpaper one on your tongue. Ick!
-You're trying to help remove your clothes from bathtime. You can sometimes get your pants, but are stuck on the shirt!
-Your naptime is beautiful lately. I wake you up at the 2 1/2 hour mark. You're sleeping from 9pm-9am...sometimes even until 9:45am!
-You're really amazed with gum & bubbles
-You love flushing the toilet!
-You can finally close doors on your own with the doorknob. Sometimes you'll kick them closed like mommy does when she has her hands full!
-You are learning to identify all different foods with your new play foods from Santa.
-You have an uncanny memory of when someone leaves a cabinet open and walks out of a room. As soon as you're put down (even if it's 10 minutes later) you take a beeline for that cabinet!
-You can stand on one foot if you have something to barely lean on.

There were so many cute things you have done that I had mentally noted I wanted to include in your 18 month post but can't think of now! I'll come back and add them if I remember them.

I can't believe we are now closer to 2 than 1! (See my math skills coming into play here? My 2nd grade teacher would be so proud.) I look forward to seeing things through your eyes this summer as you take notice of new things for the first time. Being your mom is the BEST job I could ever have!

We are wrapped around your finger, child! We love you!


The Glenn Gang said...

Before Jonah turned 18 months old, all of our friends kept saying "Just wait until 18 months gets here...his vocabulary will explode!"

They were SO right. The week of his 18 month birthday, i tjust all started. So, get ready. He won't hush now! :-)

Amy said...

Well....if he's anything like Jessica you could be waiting a while on the talking. They say boys talk slower than girls but not mine!! I keep having people suggest that she's autistic which really annoys me since I went to school to be able to diagnose stuff like that (and she is not --- and yes we read and talk as well but to no avail)!!!!!! She knows 50-75 words now, but she could just care less about telling you about things. She just wants to take everything apart!!! Oy!!! (Definitely her father's child!!!!)

On the bright side Drew at 18 mos sounds a little better than Jessica at 18 mos....she was a little difficult at that age.....I am guessing she was developing some new portion of her brain. It didn't last too long though.

Amanda said...

Happy 18 months, Drew! You are getting cuter every day!

Ben and Audrey said...

so sweet. he has a lot of the same personality as Jack. its funny. Jack LOVES to close doors. i mean LOVES it.

happy 18 months drew!

p.s. i'm trying to teach Jack some signs too. i know mommy, drink, eat, more, please & thank you. but i need to learn help. that would be awesome. but its not like Jack is even doing any signing yet anyways!!

Audra said...

Nicki--I hope you're right!

Amy--how annoying that people suggest autism when you clearly know she's not. I had another mom tell me her son was a little more than 24 months when he started verbalizing so I'm aware we could be in for a long time of no speech. *sigh* time will tell!

Amanda--Thanks! Would he and Eli not make an adorable photo together?! Maybe one day!

Audrey--It took Drew a while of me signing to him before he finally caught on. The 'real' sign for 'help' is too difficult for Drew, so we just do a quick opening and closing of both hands to signal 'help.' It works!

hilary said...

more fun?!!! it is so true! being a mommy is the best job!

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