Thursday, January 7, 2010

MS Blizzard 2010: We made it out alive.

We prepared: we stormed Kroger; we shopped Target; we stocked up on diapers, the only REAL necessity these days. The town salted the streets. Church services warned members not to get out in the upcoming winter storm. We checked 25 times a day. We braced ourselves. We were ready for the worst of the "Blizzard of 2010."

We woke up this morning in great anticipation to find what appeared to be a dusting of powdered sugar in our yard. That was it.

No snowmen. No snowball fights. Barely saw tracks in the road.

But we had fun.

Here is Drew resembling Randy from 'A Christmas Story.' He could barely move his arms in all the layers I had him in. Poor thing.

Drew acted like he didn't care a thing about the snow. He was just glad to be allowed to play outside for the first time in months. He made a beeline for his step 2 car. Against all suggestions not to drive in these conditions, Drew went out anyway. Such a rebel.

Here is Drew screaming at me for making him stand still next to me.

Here's my hubs being a goob. He was trying to make a snow angel with his feet. Don't ask.

I guess he thought we should sweep the snow off the sidewalk. Such a neat freak. I love it.

For my family members who can't tell a picture from a video, this is a video:

The best part was coming inside to eat White Chicken Chili...

with this fun, handsome little dude.

Hope y'all survived as well! See you as soon as we all dig ourselves out!


Jenna said...

Love it!! Those weathermen get everyone all hyped up don't they? Oh well, looks like you guys had fun!

Amanda said...

Okay, I've been wanting to make white chicken chili. Yours looks so good! Recipe, please??? :)

Audra said...

hey girl! that white chicken chili recipe is actually a McCormick's package with 1 cup corn, sour cream, and cheese added in. It's my favorite McCormick seasoning! Look for it with the chili, taco, enchilada, etc packages. Oh and it has easy ingredients: chicken, water, white beans, corn, sour cream, and cheese. Mmmm!

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