Monday, February 22, 2010

A Break from the Ordinary!

We headed to Greenville this past weekend to spend time with Andrew's mom and celebrate her birthday. It was really nice to do something out of the ordinary. We played at the church's playground on Saturday when God blessed us with 65 degree, sunny weather. What a nice day!

We also visited our favorite firefighter, Trey, while we were in town. He let Drew try on his hat and sit on his truck!

Then we got to celebrate Grammy's 59th birthday!

Happy Birthday to the world's greatest Grammy! We love you!

Andrew got to have a little country boy fun while we were there. He probably needs to do this more...

While Andrew waded through disgusting waters, I made Drew a new jon jon with a lot of help from Ms. Debbie. Doesn't it look simple and easy? Well, you would be wrong. It took me about 5-6 hours to make this. Ms. Debbie assures me I'll get faster with practice. At 5-6 hours/project, I'm not sure I'll be making TOO many more!

I think I'm going to get an appliqued monkey on the front. What do you think?

Well, Veggie Tales is circling for its second cycle this morning, so I better run! Hope you all had as great of a weekend as we did!


hilary said...

good job...monkey, totally cute.

earn money at home said...

What a beautiful day. I live in Minnesota and I am a stay at home mom who has been cooped up inside the house hiding from the the below 0 weather here. My daughter is ready to get outside to play but it is hard when it is so cold. These photos make me so excited for Spring.

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