Monday, May 17, 2010

2nd Birthday Toy Ideas

We are in full swing preparing for a special little boy's birthday around here! (Gotta get started on that slideshow.....HEADACHE!) Even though his birthday isn't until July 9th, we're having his party early on June 19th due to family traveling and the upcoming vacation. I started thinking tonight about what Drew might want or need for his birthday. I have relatives asking, so I'm compiling a list of ideas...

At only $13, this is a definite for Mr. Drew's birthday. He has this crazy fascination and love for all microwaves, but the only one I can find in Target is pink and super cheap quality. This one has gotten great reviews, so Andrew and I are going to get this one for sure.

Crocs! Go ahead and talk about how they're ugly gardening shoes. Drew does not care! They're easy for him to get on and off and they're even easier to clean. He's worn his other ones out in about 8 months because he wears them every. single. day. Oh and the fact that one got run over by the truck tire sorta cause the near fatal demise of one shoes. Plus, these are only a few dollars more than the Target brand, but these seems so much more conforming to his foot. So for his birthday, another pair is in order!

It's no secret that my son has a love affair with the washer and dryer. If he comes to your house and spots your washer and dryer, he'll be stuck there for a while...unless you pry him away with a microwave. This set is only $25, but has pretty good ratings. (Hey, I don't expect it to be around forever!). Yes, I realize it's purple & pink.....but we could definitely settle.

This might be Mommy & Daddy's big (or only) gift for Drew depending....I'm crazy about this cute little house. It seems like it it's great quality and would be another outside toy for Drew to play in.

But then we threw around the idea of a sand & water table instead...I'm not sure about this.
1) Can we say MESSY? 2) Couldn't I just buy something to load some sand in instead and use a little $10 pool to hold the water?

I was thinking traditional red & yellow, but Andrew, however, is having a fit over this special edition Cozy Coupe...

Whew. So that's where we are so far. Pretty much pretend play, anything with a wheel, or anything to do with outdoors. There are three good hints as to things Drew loves! Do you have any suggestions on your kids' favorite toys around age 2? I'm open to suggestions (especially if you know of a great pretend washer!).


Amy said...

Looks great! My only suggestion....if you are going for a sand/water table, I highly recommend David's method! It's cheaper, more durable (for our rough and tumble types---seriously...I've had kids climb in ours!!!!!), and very easy to clean out and re-stock). The two year olds that come to our house absolutely LOVE it!!!! We have water in it with boats right now. Sometimes we put rice in with plastic animals. We also have sand to put in it with trucks! I am currently saving packing peanuts to put in it! We've used dried beans but you gotta watch them closely because they are a chocking hazard. (I store all of these in big plastic tubs when not in use) Oh and birdseed, shaving cream,....and later on you could always use it as a planter to learn about plants!

Amy said...

Oh and with it being off the ground, it will make it at least more difficult for the new baby to get into things that he or she shouldn't be into!

Audra Laney said...

Great idea, Amy! I had read that post, but forgotten about it. I'll be sending Andrew here to see if he had whittle this up for us! Thank you!

hilary said...

Great ideas! The only one I can suggest is the tent/tunnel we have. Wynn is the same age as Drew and she loves them both!

Amanda said...

We got Eli that exact sand and water table for Christmas and I just set it up outside last week. He loves it and since Drew seems to be his clone, I'm sure he would, too! I can't wait to see what the party is going to look like! I think we're doing a cowboy theme this year for Eli's 2nd.

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