Thursday, May 13, 2010

Daddy Chooses the Zoo

Well, Andrew's time has come. He's in the last year of his 20s! He chose to celebrate his birthday by taking off work and taking me & Drew to the zoo.

Remember, Andrew works from home, so our normal "alarm" is Drew's giggling over the monitor around 9:00am. He wakes up at 9am like clockwork. Well, on Andrew's birthday Drew gave him a big, fat present--Drew slept in until 10:15am!!! And therefore, we did too! I was so shocked to roll over and see that my body had actually allowed me to sleep in like that. We got up, got ready, loaded up the push car, and headed to Memphis. We had so much fun that day! We figured out that Wednesday is a lot better choice for visiting day than Thursday & Friday. We were actually able to park near the entrance and not be shoulder-to-shoulder with 5000 other sweaty zoo-goers.

I am really excited about taking Drew to SDC in a few weeks, but have been a little nervous about how he would do with rides. Not long ago, he FREAKED OUT over a silly carousel that he was crazy about 2 months earlier. Well, yesterday this was him unable to take his eyes off the carousel because he wanted on it so badly!

So we purchased the tickets to let him ride. It went like this:

I'm not so worried about SDC!

Well after all that excitement, we headed over to the rides section of the zoo which was none too impressive, but finally found the ticket lady, made a purchase, and held our breath...

Success! He gets to stay in the family after all. He likes rides! He kept yelling "Whoa!!!" as the ride spun him around 1000 times.

Oh, then we saw this adorable little guy....

How sweet, huh? ;)

All in all, we had a splendid day with daddy! We'll be celebrating more this weekend!

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