Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hello, Second Trimester!

Honestly, I feel like I'm maybe 8-9 weeks pregnant--definitely not 14. I was thinking yesterday that in 6 short weeks, I'll be halfway through this pregnancy. In that sense, 6 weeks seems like it might as well be tomorrow. In terms of finding out the gender of our baby at 20 weeks, those same 6 weeks seem like an entire year!

So far we have like 160 votes on girl, and 1 for boy (way to go against the grain, Deda!). :) Truly, we'll be so excited either way. We know that God is going to give us exactly what we need in a baby. If we have another boy, I'll be thrilled that Drew will grow up with a brother fairly close in age to roughhouse and play with. If, on the other hand, we have a girl....well you know why I'll be thrilled! ;) Um, cute clothes and a frilly room? Yes and YES!

I had originally thought we would transition Drew to the other guest room and make it his big boy room. However, if this baby is a girl, she may get the guest room because the closet in there is bigger. She's going to need it! We girls always need a bigger part of the closest, right?

As far as pregnancy goes, I am definitely feeling better. The nausea is gone, but the indigestion still creeps up at times. Nothing to complain about though! I definitely have more energy and am staying up past 10pm again...most nights. To my scale's dismay and my stomach's relief, I am back to eating just about anything that is served. I have no particular cravings yet. There are still 2 things which gross me out to the point that I don't want to type them out. Maybe in the third trimester. ;)

I'm out of my old pants unless I use my belly band. My maternity pants are still a little baggy in the back, but I have no doubt I'll fill them out before long. My flowiest shirts just made me look chubby, so I'm in maternity shirts now. When I told Drew's nursery worker at church the other day we were expecting, she said, "Well I was wondering if you were putting on weight or if you had some big news!" That was the last night I wore a non-maternity shirt. Maternity shirts are just cut to announce that news instead of making people wonder if you're just overindulging in coke floats lately. Not that I'm doing that.....No, not me.

Nothing else major happening. Sometimes that crazy round ligament pain catches me when I move too quickly. Reminds you of just how it might feel if someone jabbed a butcher knife in your abdomen. "Labor" doesn't just refer to that time of delivery. The labor of carrying a child lasts the entire 9 months!

But we're celebrating the 2nd trimester today! Here's to the easiest trimester! Bring on the added energy, appetite, and food cravings! Cause we know in just 3 short months what lies around the corner! ;)


Kacie said...

Happy 2nd Trimester!! :) The only thing for me that wasn't easy in 2nd tri was back pain. Like, UPPER back pain. (And a little sciatica here and there..) but I agree - definitely the easiest trimester!

Megan said...

Congratulations on entering the 2nd trimester! That is when the pregnancy is most fun, I hope you enjoy every moment!

hilary said...

Oh wow!! I cannot believe you are already there! I'm so excited!! I think more exclamation points are needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lori T said...

Congratulations friend! I'm so glad you're not having nausea anymore!! What a relief. Still praying for your and baby's safety. Love you!

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