Monday, May 24, 2010

OB Checkup: Big Date Set!

Just a tidbit about today's OB visit. It was quite uneventful, thankfully! Baby's heartbeat was a strong 155 bpm. I promised the nurse practitioner I wasn't eating myself out of house and home. I have always wondered why women's stomachs get so big when the baby and the uterus are still so small. I'll have to write that down in my "Ask Jesus when I see him" book: Just what IS taking up so much room at this stage? Oh...those coke floats....yes, that could have something to do with it...

My favorite part of the day was scheduling our big ultrasound. June 28th is our day! I'll have my triple screen performed that morning as well. We're praying for good results from the blood work (which can detect Down's Syndrome) and a very healthy report from the big sonogram. Oh and a gender determination wouldn't hurt either. ;) Let's hope baby is as ready to identify himself/herself as Mr. Drew was a few years ago!

Let the countdown begin!

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Christy said...

I am sure that you look adorable-even with all those coke floats!! I LOVED those when I was pregnant with Laura Grace...maybe this is a girl?

Reading about your pregnancy makes me kinda wish I was pregnant again... HA!
I can't wait to read June 28th!

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