Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy 27 Months, Drew!

My goodness how you are growing each month! You now weigh 32 lbs., wear a size 6 diaper, and wear a 2T in your clothing. You pants are finally not dragging the ground. You must inherit your short legs from your mom. ;) Not sure where this burst of growth is from since you are SUCH a picky eater. You refuse to try most things which is so frustrating. However, I just keep telling myself that you're obviously not blowing away so you must be healthy. :)

Your vocabulary is bursting at the seams! You repeat whatever you want and love to try and tell stories; we love trying to figure out what the story is about! For example, yesterday Daddy got the 4-wheeler stuck in the mud. You told it like this: "Addy, tuck, tires, mud." Or when you ran from Papaw in Lowe's and thought it was hu-larious: "Run Papaw! Drew! I'm back!" I love knowing that you understand so much of what we say and especially love it when I see you use words in combination with your imagination. You'll drive your truck around and ask for gas and hand me "money." Then you say you're going to get cokes (Sonic drinks), including "Dew (Mtn. Dew)" for Daddy. So sweet!

You are a climbing monkey. This morning at 8 I went in to wake you up for church and noticed the light was on in your room, but there was no noise being made. When I opened the door, there you were lying in the chair, completely asleep. I know you were in bed at midnight when I went to bed, so sometime between midnight and 8 you got up, climbed in the chair with "blank" (blankie) and went back to sleep. When I asked you about it, you said, "Climb bed! Light. Daaark." I'm guessing you're scared of the dark, so we're going to try a night light tonight. (Yes, you've always slept in complete darkness and been fine with it.) Either way, this makes me glad you're getting a twin bed. At least if you get out of bed at night, you can climb back in bed if you want instead of being stuck in the chair.

Thank goodness your napping is more on track this month. You might skip one nap a week now instead of 3. Your naptime is also mama's naptime these days! My pregnant back really appreciates those 2 hours of down time. And that's exactly how they're spent!

You seem to be getting more excited about "Han" (Hannah) making her debut. You tell me you're going to rock her, hug her, and push her. Ha! Let's hope the last part isn't true! You know that we're preparing a room for her and you always kiss my belly when we thank God for her at night. Precious to this mama's heart!

You love Thursday school (MDO), and you finally walk in without crying! A HUGE accomplishment! In addition to that, you usually don't cry when you go to class anymore. We are SO proud as we feared this day might not ever come!

You know the colors blue and orange very well and usually get red correct. You count to five correctly every time and can recognize those numbers plus more. No improvement in letters this month, but we haven't worked on it. I'm letting you go at your own pace.

You smart little boy! You tell us which way to go when we're driving to get home or to Papaw's house. You amaze us! We didn't teach you that; you simply picked it up. This is so neat, but when you see we missed the turn to Sonic or Papaw's house or Granna's (JaJa's) work, you get upset. :(

You fill in words to so many of your books. One week you'll pick a certain book to be your favorite and you'll be onto another the next week. You love reading a Potty Time book right now, but you adamantly tell me you do NOT want to teetee and poopoo in the potty. Silly boy! All in due time. ;)

Things you love to do: jump on the couch, jump in your bed, fall over your horse onto the ground, climb anything, play the radio, play in the sink, watch yourself in the mirror, watch home movies, play outside, pretend to drive the truck, crank the truck, play in the garage, help with anything/everything, dustbust, vacuum, scrub the carpet, play with the phone, and play with the microwave. How many toys did you catch in that list? One. The horse. And you don't really play with it. You fall over with it and laugh hysterically! B-O-Y!!

Things you're not so crazy about: diaper changes and coming inside

At your 28 month post we'll be about to welcome Hannah (if we haven't already) into our family. I'm so excited that you're going to have a sister to play with in the future years. You're going to make a fabulous big brother! We love you!

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