Friday, March 11, 2011

Kelly’s Korner—Kids’ Parties

Today’s theme is birthday parties on Kelly’s Korner. I’m so excited to browse the site since I’m trying to come up with ideas for Drew’s party in just 4 short months! I can’t decide if we’ll do a “friends” party this year or not. Age 2 was a definite “no” because he didn’t really have any friends that he knew really well outside of his cousins who were in attendance at his family party anyway.

However, now that we’re approaching age 3, he talks about his friends from church all the time and LOVES playing with them, so it feels more fitting. Since his birthday is in July and his grandparents will be in Alaska on his birthday, we’ll either have his party a few weeks early or a week late. July is HOT so that could mean a big blow up water slide with a pirate theme or Chuck E Cheese. We all know the water slide pirate party would be cuter, but I’m really lovin the fact that Chuck E.’s staff could clean up before and after the children run amuck. We’ll see!

For Drew’s first party, we did a cowboy theme. You can see the original post here, but here are a few pictures from the day. Most of the stuff came from where else, Hobby Lobby!


His second birthday party post is here. The theme was polka dots—so much fun! And most of the stuff is from….(drumroll, please….) Hobby Lobby. You didn’t see that comin’.


These two parties had enough décor that there was an obvious theme, but they didn’t require too much work on my part. But the best part? Drew had FUN and knew he was being celebrated!

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