Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hello? Is this thing on?

I'm not even sure who reads this blog anymore outside of my Aunt Deda who really just comes here in an attempt to catch a rare new picture of one of my adorable offspring. Bless her heart- she is disappointed 9.5/10 days that she checks.

Obviously, I have become a total blog slacker. I looked back to my 2008 archives the other day. I was posting 30+ times a MONTH! (I mean, seriously, what did I have to say that was that important. Answer: nothing!) If I write anything on here anymore it seems to be something that I'll "one day" print out to put in my kids' books. (Whenever that "one day" finally gets here, I better have 5 ink cartridges and 15 stacks of paper on hand. And some big binders. With reinforcements.) I contemplated just getting rid of my blog, but then: 1) I'd have nowhere easy to store my kids monthly updates that I know each of you waits to read with a burning anxious desire and 2) I've met some pretty awesome people through blogging and don't want to disassociate myself from those relationships. I mean, there is facebook, but....I think I'll keep it around for a while.

Why don't I write anymore? Let's see: 1) I have nothing interesting to write about. Someone recently said that what you should write about is what you are passionate about discussing in conversation. Well, what excites me is serving my family and raising my kids and there are 5 gabillion other super popular blogs out there with 7,000 followers each that cover those bases really well. (See my blogroll.) So why beat a dead horse? 2) My day is pretty repetitive. I won't list out the timeline in this post (I'll save it for another post. Yes, I'm leaving you with a thrilling cliffhanger.), but let's just say it includes cleaning the dishes, washing laundry, disciplining, training, changing diapers, swimming in the pool, playing in the floor, watching Caillou, doing more dishes, and doing more clothes. I mean that one sentence was boring. Consider reading post after post about it. BO-RING.

So the result: maybe 2 blog posts a month. IF I'm on time with my kids' monthly updates.

You know waybackwhen, like 2 whole years ago, when you'd get tagged in the blog world to list 101 interesting things about yourself? I know. Seriously. Who has time for that? Well, I did. Like twice. But I'm too lazy to link up to them on this post. Use the search feature if you're that interested. Anywho, now whenever I realize a weird fact about myself (which, hey, is quite often), I think, "I'm gonna remember that for my next '1001 interesting facts about me' post.' Am I the only one that does that?

Here are some interesting thoughts I've had recently: (Yeah, they're probably only interesting to me.)

1. I give lots of asides in my writing. See above. (See, I told you.)

2. I shake out my towel before drying off after the shower to assure no spiders have crawled into my towel. One time a few months ago I decided not to because I decided I was paranoid. Guess what? HUGE bite on my abdomen. Few weeks later I do the routine shake-out. Guess what fell out?! Yep. A spider. Always shake.

3. The quality of my writing has gone to pot. See above. And while you're at it, see below.

4. If a restaurant lists "Sweet Tea" on its menu, the tea should live up to the name. I think some restaurants are out to single handily rid the world of type 2 diabetes. If I wanted weak, half sweetened water I would have just ordered water and thrown some lemon in there. (This reminds me that I didn't take advantage of Free Sweet Tea Day at McAlisters. Poop.)

5. Yesterday while Drew was nearing the end of his visit at my mom's house, she asked, "Drew are you ready to go?" He responded, "No, JaJa, my house is a MESS." Thanks for the boost, son.

6. I know you're wondering. We have no idea why he calls her JaJa. She wanted to be called Granna. Instead she got JaJa. I know it sounds weird, but it has stuck. At least every woman in a crowd won't have to turn around when he calls for her in public.

7. God has answered my prayers in the most unexpected, but most rewarding ways lately.

8. Did you know you can use hairspray to stunt a spider's movement for just a moment? My husband knows if I see a spider hanging from the ceiling, after I freak out and shoot my blood pressure up, I'm going to grab a can of hairspray.

9. I'm going through some hormonal crisis here at 8 months postpartum. I can't recall doing this with Drew at this point. I know my hair fell out once earlier on with him, but this is my SECOND round of hair loss with Hannah. I'm talking 20-25 hairs are lost with each hair washing. I was going to schedule a haircut next week to get my thick hair thinned. Now I'm thinking I might not have any left by next week. Add a decreased appetite, acne like a 14 year old, new white hairs, about 10 extra sweet teeth post 9pm, and crazy moods to the mix and you've got yourself a nice package of crazy hormonalness. I'm just praying it results in about 10 pounds of automatic weight loss. I can hope, right? Yeah, you're right; pass me another cookie.

10. I'm attempting to learn to cook something that hasn't been on my 'repeat' list for the last 7 years of our marriages. There have been some successes. There have been some failures. And I'm not sure it's healthier than grabbing a Sonic burger and large fries. (A new recipe I tried used an entire pint of whipping cream on the enchiladas. That's gonna cost me a good stent one day.) If I find any stellar ones, I'll send them your way. No, wait. I probably won't. I don't blog that much.

11. Is it almost fall? Because I'm ready for fall stuff: scents, foods, activities, clothes, weather. You name it. I'm there.

12. I have an awesome camera. I have 'ner an idea how to use it off the automatic section. I've been going through these free tutorials, and they make SO much sense as I'm reading them. However, as soon as I step outside to take a picture, I am instantly and totally confused, and want nothing more than to throw my nice camera into our blow up pool. I resist and just switch back to automatic mode. Good enough.

13. We are attempting to take Drew to his first theatrical movie tomorrow. It's Winnie the Pooh, so at least we know it's clean. Right? It's only 70 minutes long, but I don't think we'll make it that long unless he really loves the popcorn. Nevertheless, he's excited!

14. It isn't hard to figure out where my son gets his ubercountry/Southern twang if you listen to his parents more than 5 seconds. But I'm not sure we're THAT bad. Example: Drew says the word boy with two syllables: "bow-ee." And the number four is "foe-er." Way to turn on the southern charm, sweetheart!

15. My husband is hot. And sexy. And hardworking. And makes camo look good...even with dried blood. And he mows my grass so the spiders don't jump on my feet when I make a run and jump for our blow up pool. I heart him.

Well I feel totally accomplished. And now I'm pooped. I might even attempt to write another post not 100% dedicated to my children within the next 6 months! Stay tuned....all, er...., 1 of you.


Erin said...

I read religiously! ;) Love your sweet family AND your sense of humor so keep posting. Also enjoy the movie today... Cole loved it!

annabclark said...

I love reading your blog--about the kids or not! Don't stop:) We are in the same boat with the camera....I have one that is "great" but I just use the automatic setting instead of learning to use it the "right" way. I don't have nearly enough patience to learn it and don't want to miss out on cute pictures of my kids trying to figure it out. (and I'm far too lazy to just practice one day!)

Jackie said...

I totally shake my towels too! I thought I was the only one! I started following after you wrote on The Finer Things about becoming a stay at home mom. Your little Drew is just a few months older than our little Peanut and we were in the same boat as you in making the "sacrifice" for me to stay home. Love your blog....don't leave! :)

The Lively's said...

You make me laugh out loud!! Don't stop blogging.

Amanda said...

I'm still here! I don't give up on people that easily :) Love reading all your posts!

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