Monday, January 23, 2012

Hannah @ 14 Months

*This post is pictureless for now. Blogger will not allow me to upload any and my kids are ready to be released from their respective beds. Trust me--she's cute.

Poor child number 2. Her blog posts are already feeling the effects of not being the firstborn. So it goes!

Hannah turned 14 months old on January 14....9 whopping days ago. I could wait to do her 15 month post, but there have been so many happenings worth writing down recently, that I decided to proceed with this post. (Stating the obvious much?)

We now have a full-time walker! Miss Thing is toddling around everywhere, with the occasional crash, but always bounces right back up. With this newfound freedom, she is able to get wherever her little heart desires! The other day I found Drew and Hannah in the bathroom; Drew was tearing Hannah off chunks of toilet paper, and she was shoving them down into the water. Thank goodness I had just cleaned the toilet the day prior. Ever since then, if she sees a bathroom door cracked open, she tears off toward it! With her new ability comes the desire to want down in public situations; she's no longer content to be carried around everywhere! She wants in on the action!

Hannah is an eater. She'll eat just about anything we give her except Stouffer's Cordon Chicken Bleu (but, in her defense, Drew nor Andrew ate it either). She loves breads, sweets, and juice, so I'm thinking she takes after her mama. ;) But she also loves green beans, carrots, potatoes, lima beans, peas, goldfish, animal crackers, muffins, puffs, and nutrigrain bars. She can chug a sippy cup of juice in record time. She can also chunk said cup onto the floor even faster. She nurses twice a day: once in the morning and once at bedtime.

Filling and dumping out containers of toys/DVDs/stuff is another favorite pastime. Our poor bins on our TV table are going to need to be replaced pretty soon. Hannah thinks they're her small toyboxes made for climbing, carrying, and emptying. She loves to open DVD cases, empty out the wipes container, and play with the shape sorter (and she's pretty good at it!).

Bath time makes her giddy!

She signs two words now: "more" and "all done" (Hands in the air) or now becoming known as "Praise the Lord, Hannah!"

She loves to get on all fours and put her head on the ground and have her back scratched. Funniest thing to us!

She still uses passy at every bedtime/naptime/carride/when upset. She also has her favorite pink/brown blanket she sleeps with. And when she's tired, she goes and gets both items and comes to you. ;) She sleeps from about 8pm-9am (or later) and takes a nap around 12:30 every day. Her naps are FINALLY lasting longer than 45 minutes. Last week she took several 2-3 hour naps. PLEASE let that continue!

She's fully in a 12 month size clothes, but sometimes can fit into an 18 month. I have no idea how much she weighs or anything because I'm a major slacker parent who needs to take her child for a check up. :) She's still in a size 4 diaper and a size 4 shoe. I bought her some squeaker shoes last week (yay Ebay!) and she LOVES to walk in them. She thinks the squeak is the funniest thing.

I love my sweet girl so much. She brings a gentleness and softness to our family that fits in so perfectly. We love the way she gives kisses, lays her heads on our chests, snuggles on the couch (momentarily), and smiles that big grin that takes up her whole face!

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