Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Jonah @ 6 Months


Not only am I on time for this month's update--but I'm a day early! This has nothing to do with the fact that you barely napped today--stinker! ;)

I've been told the more children you're caring for, the faster the baby seems to grow. I feel like I'm not getting enough baby time with you, like it's flying before my eyes and I'm not getting to savor it. It hit me yesterday that you're half way to ONE. Halfway to walking, being into everything, and being a hot mess. ;) I still think of you as my newborn, so all these bigger baby milestones are shocking me. It can't be time for these!

 When it comes to moving, you're on a ball. You're rolling and pivoting all over the room. You get yourself wedged inbetween furniture and up under the Christmas tree--and quickly! Last week you started getting up on all fours and rocking. Sometimes you rock with so much momentum you spring forward! You LOOOOVE to bounce, especially in your jumperoo. You'll stay in it for over an hour just chewing and jumping. You roll over both ways with ease, especially in diaper changes. You're starting to sit up with some support. Yesterday you sat for 4-5 seconds without me touching you. Woohoo!

Your first tooth popped through 2-3 days ago. A bottom center shiny pearly white popped through and my finger discovered it. ;) You are continuing to drool everywhere at all times. The carpet stays wet from your drool along with my shirts. Drew & Hannah are not big fans of the slobber. ;)

You've tasted a few baby foods in the past few weeks. You had your first taste of table food at 5 1/2 months (applesauce) and you weren't a fan of something about it.
You tried mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes and bananas. You weren't a fan of any of them! To be honest, I just feel like you're WAAAAY to little to be eating baby food. You're my newborn, remember?

You nurse every 3-3 1/2 hours, and you also nurse to sleep. I was going to fight the nursing to sleep, but you know what? You're little for such a short amount of time, and what better do I have to do? So--you nurse to sleep and it works well for now. I love to hold you in my arms after you're asleep and see your pouty little lips and listen to you breathe. There's just nothing sweeter than rocking a sleeping baby.

You take about 3 naps a day. Your first nap of the day is about 2 hours after waking and it's usually about 2 hours long. Then you' up two hours and back down. The next two naps are difficult at times. We kinda struggle from 1ish to 6ish when you go down. I'd prefer you go to bed around 7, but we're getting there--albeit slowly. (Time change set us back an hour from our goal!) You usually eat once a night. You were waking between 7:30-8, but the last few mornings it's been 6:45. Mama has been STRUGGLING with that early wake up call because we all know mama's a night owl. I'm burning at both ends here!

Drew & Hannah are so smitten with you. I love to find them talking to you when they think I'm not looking. They just dote on you and talk sweetly. This morning Drew put a crown on your head in the jumperoo. Ha! You are treated like royalty around here!

You light UP when you see your Daddy. That makes my heart so glad! He loves to give you a bottle on the few nights I'm out with church events. He's also a professional at getting you to sleep when we're out and about. On Sundays, he takes you out during worship (since your nap time falls right around 10 usually) and gets you to sleep. I'm so thankful he volunteers for that, and I think he enjoys y'all's 1:1 time.

Jonah, you are one loved little fella. I'm pretty sure I kiss your face at least 200 times a day. Who can resist those baby soft cheeks?! I thanked God tonight rocking you to sleep for blessing us with your perfect little life. He has big things in store for you, my son! And I'm so thankful to take front seats to see how it all unfolds!


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