Sunday, January 17, 2010

Top 9 Moments of 2009

Nicki inspired me to do a post on my favorite moments of 2009. I know it's rather late, but I'm extremely lacking in the "things to blog about" category.

1. Caroline is born! August 31, 2009.
A new life has to be the number 1 thing in 2009. (The rest of this are in no kind of order!) What a memorable night that was!

2. Drew's first birthday. July 7, 2009.
A celebration of a BEAUTIFUL year of life for my sweet boy!

3. My first Mother's Day (May 2009)

My next favorite holiday, second only to Christmas. Led me to write this post.

4. Christmas of 2009

5. Zoo Visits! Check out Drew's first zoo visit here and his second visit here if you're feeling nostalgic. ;)

6. Visiting with the Greshams. (November 2009)
Spending time with godly, fun there ANYTHING better? I'm just praying God has cookie dough and cards in heaven! ;)

7. Kacie's Shower! (August 2009)

8. First Fair & Rodeo for Drew!
Even though we rode 0 rides, we had a ball this night!

9. Becoming a SAHM. (April 2009)
No pictures here, but God blessed us beyond our wildest dreams and allowed me to stay at home. My announcement post was here. I don't take this job for granted for one minute!

What a blessed year!


Christy said...

what a sweet post!! I love it :)

The Glenn Gang said...

Kind of fun to go back and look at your year and narrow it down, huh?

Hilary said...

I am so honored we made the list!!!!! It was a best! And I CANNOT wait to make more bests! If I had a list y'all would be on it too...I wish I had the problem of nothing to blog about. I've got so much to catch up on, I'm freezing up! Love ya.

Kacie said...

Aw, you're so sweet!! Caroline made your top moment! (I tend to think it was a pretty special moment too!) It was a GREAT year!

Love you!

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